CycloMedia, DC

Welcome to Washington DC, CycloMedia!

The excitement of winning the project to map the streets of Washington D.C. has been invigorating and the team has been working hard to collect data around the City.  Now that we’ve begun to generate some great images, I wanted to share some of them with you. 

The pics I'm posting here are extracted from our Cycloramas. Cycloramas are seamless, location-accurate 360° panoramic images taken at street-level with our patented recording technology that's mounted on our cars. 

Because the District will use our data to manage and measure roadside features, we've given them our GlobeSpotter viewer, a feature-rich Flash® application, to access and use the tens of thousands of Cycloramas we collected.  GlobeSpotter runs standalone or inside Esri's GIS software (  We've used our GlobeSpotter app for ArcGIS Online here to make these pictures.  

I like the roof of the US Institute of Peace building below because it looks like a traditional Dutch maiden's hat (OK, maybe I'm missing home a little). But by far my favorite is the Washington Monument.  It is is both the world's tallest stone structure and the world's tallest obelisk1 and can be seen from just about anywhere in DC. It is located in the center of the National mall, which makes it impossible for anyone to get lost as long as long as they find the peak.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and Cycloramas!